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Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference 2009 - Toronto

March 12, 2009 - March 13, 2009

“Technology is Evolving. Are You?”

If you are ready, come celebrate the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference’s tenth anniversary with the most energetic and ambitious undergraduate crowd—ready to take on the world with real innovation and class. In dire economic circumstances, stay above rising competition by being marketable with what drives the world: socially, politically, and economically. Arm yourself in a world of change. Learn about the critical role technology plays in the world, where it is headed, and where you fit in. Let CUTC 2009 open doors, and marvel at the paths that will be presented to you.

Delegates will have bountiful opportunities to network with other undergraduates—each of whom is talented, ambitious and creative—as well as accumulate knowledge from leading industry experts. Join us for an epic experience that may very well define your future.

CUTC 2009 Conference Details

The Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference is Canada’s largest student-run conference. From humble roots it has emerged as a venue that offers an environment for students to grow socially, academically, and professionally. We target to exceed our past record of 600 students from 47 respected institutions nationwide. The event mingles ambitious as well as talented students with leaders from academia and industry to offer memorable experiences and valuable opportunities.

CUTC 2009 Theme

Technology is inherently encompassing in nature. It provides fertile grounds for philosophies to spark innovation across all industries, markets, and subjects. Its reach knows no limits and its impact is just as evident in software as it is in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, education, environmental and energy industries. Consider: What does technology not touch? As of such, this year’s theme explores the evolution of technology. Where did it all start? How did we get to where we are today? What can we expect in the near future and beyond?


TechTeam: A design competition to challenge, inspire, and foster innovation. Valuable prizes are awarded to the winning teams.

TechShow: Demonstrations and presentations of cutting-edge technology. Offers plenty of opportunities for guests and delegates to interact and exchange ideas.

TechExpo: Blend of a technology showcase and a career fair. A chance for delegates to inquire about interesting sponsors, submit resumes, and a great opportunity to network with various companies!

TechPanel: Informative discussions with industry representatives on current issues.

Keynote Speakers: Inspirational industry leading speakers sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Seminar Speakers: An opportunity for delegates to hear from those at the frontier of the business and technology market.

Social Events: A chance for delegates to mingle with each other.

Meals: Catered for all days, and a closing banquet.


Conference Only: $100 - Subsidies available for some schools

To book accommodations for the duration of the conference, please visit :
The future—with all the events CUTC 2009 has to offer—is within your grasp. What are you waiting for?  Come and open doors in an age where many are closing, meet the right people who can work with you to fight through the day, and prepare for tomorrow. We’ll see you at the conference!

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