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Nearshoring in Sonora, Mexico

March 23, 2009

High-tech companies come to Wales to be close to the UK’s economic heart, at the gates of Europe. They stay because of the Welsh commitment to innovation and excellence, Wales’s plentiful access to skills and the groundbreaking research being done at its Universities together, of course, with the friendly and open UK business environment. Learn why the likes of Avaya, EDS (HP), Mitel, IBM, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Sony and many more chose Wales as a place to do business and serve their clients.

The Government of Wales, UK has made knowledge capital a key driver in its plan to grow Wales’s economy and has put in place an unmatched array of support services for businesses. This webinar will link you to North American businesses in Wales, so you’ll hear their story of success and also help you understand the excellent range of government and University support available to grow your business. Compact enough to concentrate on your needs, Wales is large with the talent, passion and creativity to sustain your growth.

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