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Roles-Based Access Governance:  Methodology and Implementation Guidelines

March 17, 2009

Although roles-based access control (RBAC) has been the subject of much interest in the past, companies are still dealing with the complexity of managing roles at the infrastructure level (applications, data, files, file shares, host and network level). For some organizations, this complexity is an obstacle to deploying effective roles-based governance.

Past experiences indicate that a top-down role design, based on business process, is critical to establishing an effective governance model Also, as governance processes are written from a business perspective, this approach can make it easier to support compliance with various regulations.
This webcast with Deepak Taneja, Aveksa Founder & CTO, and guest speaker and industry specialist, Daniel Poliquin from Deloitte will discuss how to deploy a continuous roles lifecycle management process and help with regulatory compliance. Our speakers will discuss:

    ·  Challenges of governing user access to information resources

    ·  The new role design methodology – creating a top down and bottom-up hybrid approach

    ·  Role-based access governance methodology

      o Implementation goals & objectives
      o Where to start
      o Setting expectations
      o Roles maturity model

    ·  Deployment lessons learned

    ·  Implementing a continuous process for role lifecycle management, including

      o Role design, discovery & engineering
      o Role analytics & maintenance
      o Role synchronization with identity management systems (user provisioning)

This webinar is part of a series on Roles-Based Access Governance

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July 17/08
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March 17/09
  Roles-Based Access Governance: Methodology and Implementation Guidelines

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