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Techniques to Building Recession-Proof Websites

May 28, 2009

2009 Masterclass series presented by Gerry McGovern, World-renowned Web content and usability expert


Self-service is the most cost-effective way to allow your customers to complete top tasks—but only if it works.

The Web is self-service. The Web is about customer power. It is the customer, not the organization, who is in control on the web. The customer searches, the customer clicks on that link (or not), the customer quickly scans your webpage. What will your customer do next? Click on one of your compelling links or hit the Back button?

Too many people create websites that look beautiful. But what we really need are web teams that relentlessly focus on creating websites that WORK beautifully. It’s not enough to put some content up. It’s not enough to launch and leave an application or a new website design. That will most definitely NOT deliver value to your organization. It will most definitely NOT save money. In fact, it has a greater chance to waste the time of your customers and lose money for your organization.

This masterclass will give you the techniques and arguments to prove that a self-service, top tasks, customer-centric approach will maximize value for your organization, whether you are involved with a government, university, commercial website, or intranet.

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