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Trends in Global Communications: Wrestling with unpredictability

October 26, 2009 - October 27, 2009

The International Institute of COmmunications’ Annual Conference 2009
Centre Mont-Royal, Montreal, Canada
26 & 27 October 2009

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A retrospective over the forty years since the founding of the IIC illustrates the impact of new technology in the communications field - and, indirectly, on almost every aspect of social and economic life. Many of the best guesses of each generation of communications experts have been confounded by the speed and direction of change.

The global economic and financial crisis has only added to the complexities faced by communications companies in structuring and adapting their business models and securing their balance sheets. Demand has slackened throughout the production and distribution chain.  Funding the future – research and development and infrastructure investment – has become more difficult precisely at the moment when it is most needed.

The IIC’s fortieth anniversary Conference will continue its tradition of facilitating the sharing and exchange of empirical data, specialist knowledge and accumulated insights, and of helping to find pointers towards future trends – tent-pegs of probability on a landscape of uncertainty. It will bring the expertise of key speakers to bear on such issues as:

The relative weight of technology and user choice in shaping content-creation and distribution, and the communications sector at large

The imprint the global financial and economic crisis has had on communications companies, on consumption in services and on capital investment in infrastructure

The policy dilemmas – political and financial – which high-speed broadband poses for policy-makers and regulators

The price society may need to pay to sustain ‘high quality’ programming and information in an increasingly fragmented media world

The challenge to regulators to break new ground in devising approaches and mechanisms which can cope with industry players increasingly operating on new platforms and across national borders.

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