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Open Source: Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization

October 13, 2009

With cost savings at the top of everyone’s agenda, organizations continue to be pressed to understand what open source software is, how is it used, how to determine where its use is appropriate, and what the risks and rewards may be. LexpertΒs one-day open source software seminar will discuss the strategic implications, risks and opportunities related to the adoption of open source software products or methods by an organization. Join us and the experts at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP who will help answer your open source software questions and give you the practical information and strategies you’ll need when considering how open source will fit into your organization’s business and technology plan.

Morning Session:
8:15 Registration and Breakfast

9:00 Introduction

9:10 What is open source software? – a practical overview
• Understanding different types of open source
software licenses from a business perspective
• Understanding sources of open source software
• Current legal updates

9:30 Using open source software in your day to day business – what you really need to know
• Implications of AGPL, LGPL, GPLv2 and GPLv3 –
not just another open source software solution
• Staying on top of your open source software
• Mitigating risks – key pitfalls and strategies

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Developing an open source software approach that suits your organization
• Determining ‘acceptable’ open source software
licenses – how far do you want to go?
• Implications for licensing, IP and litigation
• Current ‘best practices’ on open source software

11:15 Purchasing open source software solutions – case studies
• Identifying hidden open source software code in
vendor solutions
• Understanding what you are getting from open
source software vendors
• Integrating open source software programs into
your proprietary business

12:00 Networking Luncheon

Afternoon Session:
1:00 Understanding open source software from the developer side – the technical details
• Understanding different types of open source
software licenses from the technical perspective
• Making sense of the legalese: interpreting open
source software license agreements
• Why the AGPL, LGPL, GPLv2 and GPLv3 are all
• Current legal updates regarding enforceability,
litigation (including Jacobsen v. Katzer, BusyBox v. Verizon) and European developments

1:45 Using open source software code in a hybrid development environment to maximize business and developer value
• Determining ‘acceptable’ kinds of open source
licenses – how far do you want to go?
• What are the limits and how to determine them?
• What makes sense for the developer and his/her
particular applications?

2:30 Coffee Break

2:45 Developing an open sourcesoftware policy for your development team
• Deciding on appropriate levels of involvement
from management
• Handling open source software questions
• Creating buy-in from the developers

3:30 Open source software and M&A deals – key pitfalls and strategies
• Identifying open source software code during the
due diligence process
• Structuring the deal to address open source
software issues
• Integrating the target’s open source software intoa proprietary environment

4:30 Course Conclusion and Q & A

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