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Best Practice: Information Technology Agreements

November 24, 2009

Material information technology (IT) agreements are critically important to your organization. Mastering these agreements is particularly compelling now given: the risky state of the economy and the attendant risks presented by a number of players in the IT industry; the proliferation of big ticket IT projects; the rapid diffusion of Internet-based devices and business models; increased regulatory scrutiny; and the trend to ever increasing outsourcing and offshoring. If these mission critical IT resources are not procured properly, or if their operation is flawed, your organization will experience significant financial and reputational harm. In short, you have to get these IT Agreements right the first time.
To help ensure your success in IT contracting matters, Lexpert has asked Canada’s leading combined IT law teacher and practitioner, to
develop this unique one-day course: Best Practice IT agreements.

Course Leader: George S. Takach, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP Lexpert Top Ranked in Computer and IT Law, Technology Transaction, and Corporate Mid-Market.

Course Topics:
•  The IT Procurement Process
•  Parties and Structure of the Agreement
•  Ensuring Operational Effectiveness
•  Protecting the Crown Jewels
•  Reasonable Risk Sharing
•  Prices and Taxes
•  Term and Termination

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