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Intelligent Hospitals: How Technology Can Transform Healthcare Beyond the EHR

September 29, 2009

Attend in Person, via webcast, or via OTN


Although there is currently much focus on the Electronic Health Record (EHR), technology can transform health care in many more ways. To achieve high-quality health care, interactions among people, information, equipment and resources should be maximized. These connections can be facilitated and enhanced by technology. Brantz Myers will discuss the link between intelligent hospitals and how they can dynamically help the people who use the facilities: healthcare providers, clinicians, patients, visitors and others. By simplifying the connections from any person, any place, through any device to any resource, real value can be delivered to the end-points the people. He will talk about what has been have learned from past attempts and what is now possible. Finally, he will discuss why executive strategic attention must consider this role of technology, although it can be complex, have challenges and sources of resistance. He will illustrate how the increasing technology investment in today s hospitals can be leveraged to create a more sustainable environment and have a direct impact on health care.

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