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Resonding to Challenges in the U.S. Market

September 17, 2009

The Changing Challenge of U.S. Market Access

Companies are facing new challenges today in conducting business in the U.S. - “Buy America” policies, state taxes and cross border issues are now making exporting to the U.S. more challenging.

Attend this morning seminar to get some clarification on a list of concerns affecting your ability to keep trade relations running smoothly.

What you will walk away with:

•“Buy America” Market Access - Learn about the “Buy America” policies covering government contracting procedures.

•Corporate Strategies to Mitigate Risk & U.S. Bankruptcy and Customer’s Failure to Pay Issues – Discussions will include steps companies may have take to limit their liability or exposure, to avoid suit, to increase the likelihood of being paid or to at least better their positions.

•Dealing with Cross Border Tax Issues – Attendees will be provided the valuable tools, resources and direction that should empower them to make their involvement into the US easier and less time consuming. This session will be open to questions providing the opportunity to discuss practical issues and problems.

•EDC Insurance Solutions for Exporters – Understand how Accounts Receivable, Contract Frustration and Single Buyer Insurances can protect you when exporting to the U.S. and how a Foreign Buyer Credit Check is performed.

Seating is limited, register online now to ensure your participation in this seminar event.

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