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Smarter Health Seminar: Bill Tatham Speaks on “Strategy for eHealth Innovation”

October 30, 2009

Strategy for eHealth Innovation
by William M. Tatham, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer NexJ Systems Inc.

Challenges facing the healthcare industry today include controlling the high cost of care, improving the overall quality of care, and ensuring patient safety. In Strategy for eHealth Innovation, Mr. Tatham will discuss how people-centred health is the key to solving these challenges. People-centred health solutions connect health information across the continuum of care in a health record. Patients can view all of their information in one record and simply and securely share this information with trusted providers wherever they are. A people-centred model can improve the quality of healthcare and the healthcare delivery system; increase patient safety; and reduce healthcare costs by supporting a healthier, more informed population. Mr. Tatham proposes that we leverage the brightest leaders in medicine, industry, academics, and government to design, build, and deploy innovative people-centred eHealth solutions here and around the world.

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