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Personal Health Information Management and Privacy Conference

November 26, 2009 - November 27, 2009

Personal Health Information Management and Privacy Conference:
Leveraging Technologies to Manage Health Information

Plenary Presentations

-Sharing Personal Health Information for Health Care Reasons
-eHealth Ontario - The Next Steps *invited
-EHR Plenary Panel

Breakout Sessions

-The Marriage of Privacy and Security – marital bliss or divorce court?
-A New Data Release Mechanism for Cancer Health Services Research in Ontario
-Influencing an Organizational Privacy Culture
-Personal Health Information Management and Privacy
-PHIPA and Public Health: Critical Personal Health Information Issues for Pandemic Planning and Management
-Is PHIPA EHR-Ready?
-Improving Privacy Protection
-Steps to becoming a Prescribed Health Registry
-Integration of Multiple LHINs into Shared DI-r
-Achieving Reasonable Security through a Security Health Check
-The Toronto Central LHIN Privacy Working Group – A Case Study in Informal & Formal Resource Sharing
-Using IT for the Lock Box Mechanism
-Privacy by Design: The 7 Fundamental Principles
-Disclosure to police - circumstances, more on break notification HIC to HIC
-PIPEDA /PHIPA/MFIPPA: Fees, process, tracking tools for staff, records management
-Specifics to third party agreements with the sharing of e health info HIC (s)
-PHIPA Basics

** Please note the agenda is a work in progress and is subject to change.

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