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IIC Telecommunications and Media Forum

December 1, 2009 - December 2, 2009

Beyond Recession – Visions for Broadband
Communications Post 2010

Against a background of economic crisis governments are intent on developing broadband as an enabler and aid to combat recession, as well as to serve more general economic, social and political goals. At the same time new technologies promise to shake up both telecoms and content sectors, colliding with old regulatory and business models. Drawing on developments in the United States, Canada and Europe, this year’s Washington, DC IIC Telecommunications and Media Forum will examine what a post-recessionary world might mean for businesses and policy makers in terms of broadband infrastructure and services, mobile wireless markets, and online video and TV content.

The Forum is an annual event of the International Institute of Communications. Its meetings are restricted to members and guests. The emphasis is on discussion between participants and free and frank exchanges of views. This means that a considerable amount of time is dedicated to debate, and discussions are confidential. For further information see

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