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Thinking of Going Public?

December 8, 2009

Commencing with a short presentation on listing with the TSX, followed by a panel discussion, this session will help you understand what going public means for your business and the key elements you need to consider, including:

current market situation
how to know when your company is ready
the main challenges you can expect in preparing to go public and how to address them
critical steps in executing a successful IPO
corporate governance, accounting, tax and financial reporting considerations to be addressed at each stage of the process, and
what to expect after transition to ‘life as a public company’.

This seminar is designed for active audience participation and will provide you the opportunity to ask the questions you want the answers to. Our objective is to help you make a well-informed decision and map out an effective strategy and path to taking your company public.  All participants will receive a copy of KPMG’s authoritative guide on “Going Public”.

Speakers include:

Bill Murphy KPMG Advisory,
Chris Sexton KPMG Tax,
Brad Owen KPMG Audit,
Kevan Duggan from TSX,
Tom Hearne, CFO of Score Media