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CIO Peer Forum: Re-branding the CIO

April 15, 2010 - April 16, 2010

Through discussions with your peers, we formed a thought provoking theme and direction for a program that will address your top of mind issues.

What is your CIO brand? Technology leader?  Computer wizard?  Problem solver?  Strategic business partner?  Visionary?

Or is it… Overhead?  The Necessary Evil?  Unintelligible jargon speaker? Never deliver (on time or on budget)? Who was that person, anyhow?

Regardless of what you’d like to believe, it is likely a bit of all these terms – at least in the minds of your executive committee and stakeholders.  As businesses position themselves for the future, cost cutting and value seeking is being emphasized - focusing efforts on maximizing value from their technology resources.  And you’re the one on the hook to make it happen.

Tough work!  Can you do it alone? Of course not!  It means everyone – and the entire industry – has to step up and begin a process to create a new, relevant brand for the future of the CIO role. With a clear and unwavering focus to achieve change.

What could (or should) this brand be? How can this happen? Where do you start?  Who and How have some organizations successfully transformed? What hasn’t worked? We all know change is hard.

You start right here, right now – with a community of your peers, combining forces with experts, thought leaders and practitioners to explore, discuss, learn and ultimately change the way your brand’s perception. The 2010 CIO Association Annual Peer Forum will provide an opportunity for you to:

- Learn from Thought Leaders on key issues and strategies for success
- Hear from peers and industry partners on how to create a new value proposition.
- Exchange your views and ideas on what YOU think can be done – and how to go about it.
- Start the process of change – for you, your organization and your profession.

This year’s event is a unique opportunity to tackle the real issues, what you can do about them and how to begin to stimulate positive change.

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