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ITAC Presents an Executive Forum on Green ICT

April 27, 2010

Information and communication technology is green technology. The tools of the ICT revolution enable us to work smarter, and ‘smarter’ increasingly means in an environmentally sustainable way. ICT has already demonstrated its capacity to solve the society’s great challenges – from mapping the human genome to exploring space. From the simplest solutions to the most complex, ICT plays an integral role in the solutions to climate change and in reducing our impact on the planet.

Teleconferencing and tele-commuting, for example, can displace the need for carbon-fuelled travel. Smart sensors in buildings, traffic grids and power plants work to ensure that our energy supply is both produced and used with a minimum of waste.  The application of RFIDs and online tracking can streamline the supply chain and significantly reduce the environmental impact of business. And newer technologies, like telematics and global positioning systems, are already making great contributions to more efficient road travel.

ICT companies are working hard with their customers to provide the means to operate greener 21st century businesses and households. And they are walking the talk of sustainability, ingeniously using their technology to reduce the environmental impact of their products and services, their facilities and their business practices.

Join us in Toronto on April 27 for a celebration of this unheralded but vital aspect of information and communication technology.  Benchmark your firm’s environmental strategies and practices with some of the industry’s leading experts on sustainability and green ICT. Hear from policy makers and policy influencers on what Canada must do to leverage our know-how to bequeath a greener planet to future generations.

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