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CMC Microsystems Annual Symposium

October 4, 2010 - October 6, 2010

The CMC Microsystems Annual Symposium, Sensing Action, brings together Canada’s academic, industry, and government leaders with top graduate students from science and engineering communities. Join us at the four-diamond Brookstreet Hotel, located in Ottawa’s high-tech community.

Connect with organizations, researchers and suppliers from Canada’s innovation and research community. Gain insight into our community’s research, technology development, and education & training activities involving sensor network technologies.

Topics include component technologies, network topologies, and system algorithms that help realize networked sensor/actuator-based systems with pervasive intelligence. Applications areas are ubiquitous and span from point-of-care medicine, to structural health monitoring, to harsh environmental testing.

Celebrate and recognize excellence at our Annual Awards Banquet as we recognize talent in Canada for their research outcomes.

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