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ITAC Board of Governors’ Dinner “An ICT Strategy for Ontario”

April 15, 2008

ITAC is pleased to announce that our special guest for our Board of Governors Dinner on April 15 will be the Honourable John Wilkinson, Minister of Research and Innovation. Mr. Wilkinson served as Parliamentary Assistant to Premier McGuinty in the last Ontario Government. Following his re-election last October, he was appointed to Cabinet, succeeding the Premier in the role of Minister of Research and Innovation (MRI).

Over the past year, ITAC and a number of its members have worked closely with MRI, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) and a number of other departments to formulate an ICT strategy for Ontario. The Next Generation of Jobs Fund announced on March 4 is one step in this process. It is a significant initiative for the encouragement of investment for our sector. The program is jointly administered by MRI and MEDT. Minister Wilkinson will outline the objectives of the program and the broader strategy his Ministry has set for the creation of a strong knowledge-based economy in Ontario.

Please invite and register your senior staff to accompany you to this Board of Governors on April 15 in Toronto.