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ITAC Digital Commerce Roundtable: “Building Communities for Social Media Customers and Companies”

February 15, 2011

Introducing ITAC’s Digital Commerce Roundtables

There is a tremendous amount of creativity and enterprise percolating in Canada’s dynamic digital commerce community. Generally, it is a community that practices what it preaches, using the tools of the internet and social media to network, exchange business information and share best practices. But even an electronic community can profit from face-to-face contact and handshake-to-handshake network building. ITAC has designed its Digital Commerce Roundtable Program to provide these opportunities. It is designed to bring some of the leading thinkers and entrepreneurs from various centres of digital commerce activity across Canada and North America to meet one another and exchange views. In the Winter of 2011, the Program will be presented in three cities.

Ottawa, February 15, 2011 – 11:30am to 1:00pm
Building Communities for Social Media Customers and Social Media Companies
Sarah Prevette, Founder and CEO, Sprouter
The Fountain Room, National Arts Centre

We know that social media tools can create communities in ways that revolutionize normal customer and stakeholder relationships. But doing this measurably and effectively is still an emerging art. One of Canada’s most influential online community builders shares the insights she has gained in over ten years at the cutting edge of web-based communication and reflects on how best to elevate this art for the benefit of customers and for the digital commerce industry.

Sarah Prevette has captured attention as a passionate and pioneering entrepreneur and an exciting voice from inside the online community. An entrepreneur long immersed in the start-up community, Sarah has robust familiarity with the common pitfalls of early stage start-ups and the tips and tools that foster success. Prior to starting Sprouter in 2009, Sarah built the tween pop culture community Upinion and held various strategic positions in the recently acquired Cyberbahn Group. She was the only Canadian identified by Inc Magazine as one of the top young entrepreneurs in North America for 2010.

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