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SMC Best Practice Spring Forum Understanding Best Practices in the Project Management of New Product

April 16, 2008

In a recent study undertaken by Deloitte on behalf of ITAC, approximately 20 ITAC member companies participated by providing confidential information on project execution and project management methodologies. This was compared with a global study undertaken by Deloitte in 2007 which specifically included the Semiconductor sector.

The results showed a 15% lower percentage for ITAC’s microelectronics companies of new product revenue to total revenue!

Highlights from the survey will be presented along with recommendations for systemic improvements in the project management of new product developments. Participants will discuss these specific recommendations in terms of their direct relevance to the Canadian industry as well as the practicality of their implementation.

So please register now to join us in either Montreal (April 8), Ottawa (April 9) or Toronto (April 16) to gain better insight into a complex subject and enjoy valuable networking time with your colleagues in an informal sharing of best industry practices.

Who: Chris Lynch, Senior Manager, Consulting, Private Company Services, Deloitte
Drew McFeetors, Senior Consultant, Private Company Services, Deloitte