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Marketing & Sales Executive Think Tank

February 23, 2012

Now that you've forked out time and money to create a social networking lead generation strategy, are you wondering if it's worthwhile to keep it alive?

Maybe social media isn't turning out to be the lean mean lead generation machine you'd hoped for… but an awareness tool instead. Well, it is possible to beef things up. And by using an online analytic tool as the special sauce, you'll be able to measure key aspects of your program - and feed a steady diet of appetizing leads to your sales team.

At the next no fee ITAC/SMA High Tech Marketing & Sales Executive Think Tank, we'll discuss the real value of social media for lead gen. We'll also talk about the latest breed of online measurement tools and how to ramp up the effectiveness of your social media lead generation efforts.

Social Media Lead Gen: Where's the Beef?
1. Lead generator, branding play - or both?
2. Sales lead tracking with online analytics


Thursday, February 23rd 2012
7:30 - 9:30 a.m.

Arrow ECS
171 Superior Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario

Moderated by Bob Becker, SMA
No fee required

Please join our group of thought leaders as we brainstorm ideas to improve social media lead generation programs, and discuss the hottest online analytic tools. Robert Boulet, Vice President, Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions has kindly offered to host.

The ideas and insights we collect will be summarized and communicated to the high tech community. No preparation is required – just your presence and experience.

We'd love to have you join us at our next meeting on February 23rd!