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Technicity 2012 - Innovating Investment with Crowdfunding

November 29, 2012

Canada needs your help. The City of Toronto needs your leadership. Please join us for the morning of November 29th at Technicity.


The City of Toronto and IT World Canada have organized a 1/2 day morning session for a senior community leadership event on November 29th to rally leaders in our community that are concerned with the following facts:

  1. Canada's Innovation Ranking has declined two more indices in the 2012 World Economic Forum Report, ranking below Romania,
  2. Canada's economy is predicated by the health and growth of our SMB's, however the availability of capital is down by over 50% since the height of the markets, private equity firms have gone upstream on financing rounds,
  3. Our productivity as a nation is significantly lower than the USA,
  4. Less than 1% of Venture Capital goes to women's businesses in NA, yet nearly 50% of the start-ups are founded by women, and
  5. New Social Media + Finance models have emerged to help fund start-ups based on the success of micro-financing models - called CrowdFunding.

However: Equity Crowdfunding in Canada is currently not legal.

Our estimates are that we are 2 years behind in the road to legalizing equity based crowdfunding.

Countries that allow Equity Crowdfunding include: Australia, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden. The USA has created the legal framework for Equity based Crowdfunding and the full set of rules and regulations are set to be ready in 2013. FINRA has been identified as the USA securities regulator, and draft laws are in review.

In Ontario, the Ontario Securities Commission is presently reviewing the exempt market rules and equity based crowdfunding is one of the discussion items. Provinces like New Brunswick are in formulation discussions on new rulings, and Alberta will have a position in early 2013. Invest Crowdfund Canada has mobilized over 100 volunteers working these issues coast to coast - see for more information. Media coverage has been extensive, and more coming.

On November 29th, we are holding a 1/2 day session with industry leaders to focus on Equity Crowdfunding. There is no cost to attend, but you do need to register for the event

The Program:

Darren Westlake, CEO, is joining us from the UK to talk about CROWDCUBE's success in the UK, Andrea Johnson, Partner, Canada's top securities lawyer/expert on Crowdfunding will discuss the realities in Canada, and what we need to rally around to make these changes, Brian Koscak, Chair of the Accredited Dealer's Association will talk about the importance of evolving our laws to keep current in Canada, Peter Aceto, CEO ING Bank, a social media and finance market leader will discuss how banks can benefit from legalizing crowdfunding to support SMB's, Richard Reiner, serial entrepreneur, and Board of Director, Toronto Angel Group will discuss the relevance of CF to the angel community.

Event Website: