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ITAC Board of Governors Event

December 12, 2012

ITAC Board of Governors Event

Educating Enterprise: A Seasonal Mash-up Between ITAC and the Ryerson DMZ

Folklore has it that entrepreneurs are born not made, and not formally educated. Our industry has certainly contributed to this perception with many of our greatest company founders famously self-proclaimed college drop-outs.

Canada is lagging internationally in innovation and missing opportunities to exploit the power of ICT. What is the role of the university in supporting our ambition to build a strong innovation culture in Canada and to advance the digital economy? Can entrepreneurship be taught, and how can successful entrepreneurs be fostered? How can universities help drive technology adoption, particularly in SMEs?  What does this educational experience look like? Ryerson University, Canada's comprehensive Innovation University, is committed to embedding innovation across its curriculum and expanding its unique approach to Zone education exemplified in its internationally recognized Digital Media Zone (DMZ).

Our next ITAC Board of Governors event will provide the opportunity for you to make that visit yourself. We will join DMZ staff, researchers and students at Ryerson for a special holiday season mash-up. There will be the usual ITAC networking (though we promise to drop the mean age at this event considerably) and the opportunity to hear from the Ryerson and DMZ leadership about what makes this model so promising. The evening will feature a panel discussion between DMZ Director Valerie Fox and three DMZ entrepreneurs on their aspirations, their experiences and on the advantages of graduating with both a degree and a business. The panelists are as follows:

Lindsey Goodchild

Lindsey Goodchild is the CEO and founder of Greengage, a company that started in the DMZ. As one of the first graduates from Ryerson's post-graduate program in Sustainability with a specialization in Corporate Responsibility, Lindsey brings a current and innovative perspective to the changing demands of corporate citizens. Greengage has allowed Lindsey to draw on her academic background and combine it with her enthusiasm for sustainability to develop enabling platforms that create and inspire change for a more sustainable world. She is passionate about helping companies improve their triple bottom line (profit, people, planet), along with proving that companies achieve both environmental and social benefits while lowering operating costs and improving their business.

Jaigris Hodson

Jaigris Hodson is a PhD student in Communications and Culture at Ryerson and is working on digital innovation process, particularly with respect to social media. Her work has included exploring the technology hype-cycle and ways to understand technology adoption processes.  She is engaged in several projects related to social innovation and social enterprises as well as teaching in the Digital Specialization Program at Ryerson (

Hossein Rahnama

Hossein Rahnama conducts research in the DMZ that combines context-aware computing, artificial intelligence, and opportunistic social networking. With special interests in the transit, transport and security industries, Hossein's Flybits team specializes in mobile software solutions that respond to situational factors and personal information. Their goal is to use mobile devices to enhance interpersonal communications while conserving power and energy. In August 2012 it was announced that Rename was recognized as part of MIT's Technology Review magazine's annual list of the world's top innovators under the age of 35. 

Please join us for this very special evening!

Reception and Panel

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Ryerson Campus
Heaslip House, (building houses the Raymond Chang School for Continuing Education)
Room:  7th Floor – Peter Bronfman Learning Centre
297 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario
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If you require more information, please contact Micheline Lepage at (613) 238-4822 x 2245 or via email at 

We look forward to seeing you on December 12th.