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Intellectual Property Rights: A Catalyst for Innovation

May 26, 2008 - May 27, 2008

Join the IPR thought leaders and senior practitioners to assess your organization’s IPR challenges and issues and learn how to optimize the management and protection of your intellectual property. Share your challenges with the experts and examine IPR’s role in advancing technology, innovation and commercial activity.

The Conference Board will present its latest research examining the value creation potential of effective IPR protection, and the relationship between policy, enforcement mechanisms, and innovation and competitiveness at the national level.

Discuss the IPR issues that impact your business, including:
- The role of intellectual property in economic growth, including foreign direct investment, technology transfer, and domestic research and development
- Overcoming the commercialization ‘problem’, and how public policy can and can’t help translate innovative ideas into successful products
- Internet regulation and how the rule of law is evolving in cyberspace
- Blanket taxation versus marketplace integrity, and the economic and ethical issues of the global licence scheme
- The growing value of IPR assets in the knowledge economy
- Technological protection measures and their economic impact
- The roots of ‘revolutionary’ business models

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