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The ARMA NCR Chapter Presents: The New Information Management Skills

May 23, 2008

This is to invite you to register to attend the next major ARMA-NCR event, “The New Information Management Skills”, scheduled for Friday, May 23rd, 2008. This event will be composed solely of facilitated workshops intended to provide participants with practical new skills to use in the changing IM work environment.

This stimulating and educational Workshop series will provide attendees from the private and public sectors with the opportunity to choose one of three different streams of learning. We are identifying facilitators for the following sessions:

  1. IM Situational Analysis with a focus on Change Management (
  2. JUST ENOUGH—What Every IT Manager Needs to Know About Electronic Recordkeeping (
  3. Function-based Classification Scheme Design with a brief introduction to Retention Schedule Design & Disposition Tactics (

Each Workshop will consist of a primary interactive learning experience that imparts a much needed skill to the participants. Following the primary session, there will be a brief introduction to a secondary subject that follows logically from the earlier material. (If the secondary subjects prove popular, they may themselves become the primary subjects of workshops conducted at a later date.)

Once again, the ARMA-NCR (Ottawa) Chapter is providing you with an affordable way to invest in your organization’s most valuable assets – your employees.

Event Website: