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The IT Talent Gap: Answering Canada’s Greatest Human Capital Challenge

June 12, 2008

Stephane Boisvert
Bell Enterprise Group   Sponsored By Bell

“The IT Talent Gap: Answering Canada’s Greatest Human Capital Challenge”

The competitiveness of Canadian enterprise relies more and more on our access to information and communications technologies. Those technologies, in turn, rely on the highly trained people that create them, run them and push them into new areas of economic life. A growing and increasingly serious shortage in Canada’s information technology talent pool, however, is putting that connection at risk. As IT skills ‘shortages’ become skills ‘emergencies,’ the situation is becoming Canada’s greatest human capital challenge. That challenge, and what we can do about it, is the subject of Bell Enterprise Group President Stéphane Boisvert’s address to the Empire Club of Canada.
Mr. Boisvert will focus on three main messages. First, he will share new evidence about the far-reaching consequences of the problem for both firms and the national economy. Second, Mr. Boisvert will share his vision of how we must act decisively to generate the skills, the professionals and the talent to ensure that Canadian enterprise remains both innovative and competitive. Finally, he will outline how a growing new national coalition focused on the problem is gathering momentum. As it draws strength from collaborative leadership in key strategic sectors – enterprise, government and educational institutions – this coalition is beginning to answer Canada’s greatest human capital challenge.

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