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Seminar on Management of Electronic Information on the Internet

August 8, 2008

You are invited to attend the seminar organized by the group of researchers from Canada and the UK.

Researchers from Canada and UK have recently obtained a SSHRC grant to do the preliminary research on “Management of Electronic Information on the Internet: Comparison between Canada and UK”. This is in preparation for the application for the three years project funding that will cover not only Canada and U.K. but, most likely, several European countries and U.S.

We are particularly interested to attract professionals who work in small and mid-size business, as well as in government, accounting firms, banks, ISPs, telecommunication, media, etc, who can afford to spend part of a day discussing the issues of privacy and regulation of personal-data transfer, retrieval and storage in e-commerce, e-government or similar activities.

This meeting follows after the workshops with security experts in Canada and UK. 

More information will be sent after receiving your contact information and expressed interest for participation.