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14th Technology Summit and Technology Platform – “Investments in Clean Technologies&#822

December 4, 2008 - November 5, 2008

This is a unique opportunity to showcase Canadian capabilities in the clean technologies and clean energy sectors in India.  The clean energy sector alone has reached $150 billion in investments worldwide.  With increasing support from both the Canadian private and public sectors, developing renewable energy and clean- tech environmental solutions (water and waste water, and solid waste management) are among the biggest growth economic drivers in India.  You will gain a better understanding of India’s clean technology industry needs and its market opportunities for clean energy technologies.  As well, you will gain a competitive edge by acquiring the latest regulatory and market access intelligence required to conduct successful and sustainable business in India with the support of our trade team.  (

In recognition of Canada’s worldwide reputation in science, innovation and technology, Canada is being recognized as a “Participating Country” in this event and has been extended a speaking opportunity to showcase our capabilities during a 3-hour plenary session.  It is an excellent platform to highlight your products and services along with Canadian programs on clean technologies, capabilities and R&D strengths and trends. If you are looking for a captive audience that will lead to Expressions of Interest, this event will assist you in achieving your objective.  Emphasis will be placed on promoting commercialization efforts in clean solutions.  The Government of India, Department of Science and Technology will fund the facilitation of companies to partner in technology commercialization, with other countries. 

The Canadian High Commission will assist Canadian companies in meeting their business objectives by developing a business program, while the conference organizers, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will arrange site visits and one-on-one meetings with Indian organizations.  The conference will bring together private industry, academia, government officials, venture capitalists, investors/financiers, associations and R&D organizations and institutes.

In addition, a R&D Partnering Workshop organized by ISTPCanada ( and the Global Innovation Technology Association in India (GITA) will provide a unique and timely prospect to showcase R&D strengths under the Canada-India S&T Agreement.  Clean technologies are a sector focus under the Agreement and it is anticipated that the next joint Call for Proposals will be released around this timeframe. 

Participating at the 14thTechnology Summit and Technology Platform in India offers even greater business and R&D opportunities by attending the 2nd Bangalore Nano Conference.

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