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Supply Chain Management in the European Union

February 4, 2009

Supply chain operations are a critical element of a successful market access strategy and significantly impact a company’s bottom line.  Identifying and managing the direct and indirect costs of your EU distribution strategy will help you to achieve significant cost efficiencies.

You will have the opportunity to learn about:

• decision models of supply chain management
• the most competitive locations in Europe to set up a hub for operations
• case-specific analysis of logistical solutions for industrial, high-tech and medical equipment
• new trends in supply chain management
• sources of funding for intermodal sustainable freight transport

Over time, the key factors impacting supply chain operations, including distribution, transportation, real estate and labour costs are subject to change, as are infrastructure networks, and taxation and labour regulations. Sound supply chain management decisions require up-to-date information on the pros and cons of the available options for efficient logistics management.

This workshop is targeted to Ontario manufacturing companies that already have operations in Europe or are planning on entering the European market for the first time. 

Guest speaker

Mr. Stephan Satijn, Senior Manager Logistics, Holland International Distribution Council

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