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ITAC offers a variety of committees and forums that provide members an opportunity to share their experience and connect with other industry champions. All ITAC memberships are corporate, so participation is open to employees of any ITAC member company based on their individual interests and expertise.

Benefits of participation:

      • contribute and help grow the industry and your company
      • keep current with industry
      • share best practices
      • continue your professional development
      • network with your peers

To get involved in any of these groups, email Donna White, Manager – Membership Relations, with your name, title, phone, email and a list of the group(s) you wish to join. You may also call her at 905.602.8345 x2230. 


Cyber Security Forum
ITAC’s Cyber Security Forum is an industry-government policy roundtable that has been held quarterly since 2000. It is widely regarded as a key venue for industry-government discussion of new and ongoing cyber-security issues and related policies, responses and solutions. Topics covered include cyber aspects of national security, network security, smart-grid security, cryptography policy, BYoD and device security, identity management, authentication, spam, malware, cyber warfare, privacy, etc.

contact: Bill Munson

Digital Commerce Forum
The Digital Commerce Forum explores emerging ideas and new technologies transforming electronic commerce. Web-centric business members engage in professional development, share best practices and take advantage of networking opportunities. This group hosts regular events and promotes best practice information exchanges.

contact: Denise Shortt

Digital Economy Policy Forum
The Digital Economy Policy Forum determines responses to government initiatives and other factors affecting Canada’s transition to a digital economy.  The current focus is on drafting an ITAC paper that builds on the elements of the federal government’s Digital Canada 150 report. This group meets six to eight times a year.

contact: Bill Munson

Human Resources (HR) Forum
The HR Forum is a peer-to-peer networking group that allows for information sharing and discussion of the latest HR trends, views and best practices in a group environment. It is an excellent professional development opportunity for HR professionals in the IT industry. A roundtable discussion is held during lunch at the end of each meeting to provide an opportunity to raise issues and seek answers to queries in an informal and confidential environment. You can also earn re-certification points for your CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) and CCP (Certified Compensation Professional) designations by attending the ITAC HR Forum meetings. This group meets approximately five times a year.
ITAC members can access the HR Forum portal here.

contact: Micheline Lepage

Legal Affairs Forum
ITAC’s Legal Affairs Forum provides networking and professional development opportunities for in-house counsel and lawyers in private practice, as well as a window on ITAC’s work on policy initiatives on behalf of the industry.

contact: Bill Munson

Marketing & Sales Executive Think Tank
ITAC/SMA’s Marketing and Sales Think Tank brings together a group of seasoned marketing executives to discuss a wide range of topics in an open, collaborative and entertaining environment. Roundtables often involve breakaway sessions and group work.

contact Micheline Lepage

Public Sector Business Committees (PSBC)
ITAC has two Public Sector Business Committees: Federal and Ontario.

Our Federal Public Sector Business Committee brings together senior corporate business leaders whose companies focus on sales to government. The committee meets monthly to monitor, assess and advise on procurement policies and practices. Government officials are regular participants of the meetings and are given time to report at each meeting on progress made on IT procurement initiatives. The committee has councils for large transformational projects, professional services, telecom, and terms and conditions. These councils consist of interested members and are responsible for reviewing issues and presenting recommendations to government.

Forum members can access the Federal PSBC Forum here.

contact: Cindy Baker

TAC’a Ontario Public Sector Business Committee monitors, assesses and advises on public sector business and government procurement policies and practices in Ontario. It regularly hosts members-only Fireside Chat events that provide unique access to government leaders. It also hosts bi-annual events with the Corporate Chief Information Officer of the Ontario Government, and several of his CIOs.

The members-only portal can be accessed here.

contact: Denise Shortt

Strategic Microsystems Council
The Strategic Microsystems Council works to support a vibrant microelectronics industry in Canada. The Council organizes best practice forums, as well as some major conferences that bring together industry leaders to strategize and share information. Best practice forums are held across Canada.

contact: Lynda Leonard

ITAC Forum

Representing more than 120 Canadian ICT companies actively involved in the health sector, ITAC Health serves as a collective voice to healthcare professionals, government representatives, researchers, and healthcare consumers. Its goal is to facilitate the creation of a healthcare model of excellence. Membership provides a unique opportunity for ongoing industry intelligence. ITAC Health has four working committees.

How do we get the changes we need to help the sector thrive? This committee works on developing research and position papers that support industry partners as they make their case to various levels of government. The group nurtures close co-operation with groups like Infoway, CIHI, COACH, MEDEC, government agencies like eHealth Ontario, eHealth Manitoba, Alberta Health, and provincial ministries. Procurement issues are often front and centre in committee work.

Membership and Program Development (MPD)
This committee develops relevant educational programming and partnership events to address emerging issues in digital medicine and health. By bringing together members and potential partners, the committee hopes to create industry synergies and support new ideas.

Interoperability and Standards (ISC)
This group is focused on data health system use. Membership offers participants a voice at the decision-making tables as standards are identified in this emerging area. The committee also provides invaluable guidance to ITAC Health’s representatives on various national and international standards committees.

Regulatory Affairs
Regulatory Affairs committee members share best practices, especially in the areas of procurement and credentialing.

ITAC Health also has a Procurement Task Force that developed out of the MPD, which has now combined efforts with the Advocacy Committee. The Task Force is where all the efforts spawn from – input and direction from our members on procurement specific to the eHealth sector.

For more information on ITAC Health committees, please contact Elaine Huesing.

TITAC Talent



ITAC Talent works with business leaders, the public sector and educators to motivate young people to select today’s in-demand tech–related careers, and improve the availability and quality of post-secondary technology–related education. It also operates mentorship programs and develops education initiatives at both secondary and post- secondary levels. ITAC Talent is always looking for individuals interested in sharing their journey in the ICT industry.

On May 1st, 2014, the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills (CCICT) merged with ITAC and continued operations under ITAC’s Talent Division.

Business Technology Management (BTM)
In January 2009, CCICT launched the BTM initiative to revitalize and rebrand the field of Management Information Systems (MIS), and improve the quality and quantity of students who choose it. A steering committee comprised of leading employers and university educators from across Canada defined a set of learning outcomes and competency standards combining business and technology. Students learn about innovation, leadership, analyzing business processes, designing information technology-based solutions and leading projects. BTM programs are now offered in 14 universities across Canada, with 2,400 active students and over 1,000 annual graduates. In January 2014, CCICT secured a grant from the Government of Canada to fund the expansion of the BTM initiative. In collaboration with our members, we are now in a position to increase the number and variety of BTM programs, develop BTM-related occupational standards that provide career and promotion paths for individuals who work in BTM roles, professionalize the BTM program through certification standards and the creation of nation-wide BTM association, and expand the recognition and acceptance of BTM programs and occupations by employers, students/parents and educators through national outreach initiatives. There are various areas of engagement under the BTM project.

This BTM program targets post-secondary students with the goal of improving the quality and quantity of students who choose this course of study. Member activities include the development of national operational standards, stimulating student engagement and establishing certification and program development protocols. BTM programs are currently offered at 14 universities across Canada with a goal is to increase the number of programs to 50 within three years.

contact: Gina Van Dalen

CareerMash is a career development program that targets high school students. Its aim is to inspire young people to choose technology careers and help to increase enrollments in technology–related university and college programs.CareerMash has two components:

The Role Model program

Volunteer tech professionals speak to classes of students, sharing their experiences in the industry. The goal is to help students understand the wide variety of career opportunities available in the ICT sector.

Mentoring with CareerMash
This online mentoring platform connects tech professionals with classrooms and mentoring on an on-going basis. Mentors provide feedback on focused activities developed by our team to encourage dialogue and help students gain a deeper understanding of tech careers in today’s job economy.

contact: Chris Drummond or Simona Ramkisson

Diversity Forum
Our Diversity Forum develops and promotes powerful initiatives to increase gender diversity within the sector. The group works with stakeholders to ensure industry-driven opportunities are maximized.

Advisory Board
Through this board, ITAC members interested in the development of youth-oriented career programs offer strategic advice and execution assistance to the ITAC Talent team. They reviews and endorse current research and look for ways to leverage knowledge and financial assistance in support of the next generation of knowledge economy leaders.


ITAC also has a series of specialized information mailing lists that provide members with the newest developments in specific areas. To sign up for one of these groups, please contact Donna White.

  • Environment & ICT Forum
  • RFID and Sensor Network Forum
  • Smart Grid/Smart Meters Forum