21st Century Procurement Event

Thursday, March 9 - 2017
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The Information Technology Association of Canada is working with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), Shared Services Canada (SSC) and Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) to organize a one-day event to facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration between the Government of Canada and experts in Canada’s ICT community to help build a 21st century federal procurement practice. The event will create opportunities to share best practices, identify challenges and irritants experienced by both industry and government, and co-create recommendations on how to move forward.

21st Century Procurement Agenda 

  7:00 am Networking Breakfast
  8:00 am
Welcome Introduction by Robert Watson, President of ITAC, and remarks by John Glowacki, Chief Operating Officer of Shared Services Canada (SSC)
  8:30 am
Breakfast Keynote and Government/Industry Panel Discussion:  Guiding Principles and 21st Century Procurement Practices
 9:30 am
Breakout Sessions:  Streams 1 & 2
 12:00 pm Lunch Keynote with Mr. Bill Matthews, Comptroller General of Canada
  1:15 pm Breakout Sessions:  Streams 3 & 4
  3:30 pm 21st Century Procurement:  What have We Heard?
  4:00 pm Reception and Closing Government/Industry Remarks

The majority of the event will be dedicated to four deliverable-focused breakout sessions looking at aspects of procurement currently under review by the federal government. Breakout sessions include:

1.     Procurement Policy in a Digital World (AM)

Overview: Building on the morning keynote and panel discussion, this breakout aims to discuss how the Government of Canada and ICT sector can apply global best practices and principals to build a modern and agile procurement policy.

Facilitators: Michael Fekete, Microsoft; Government of Canada Facilitator (to be announced).

2.    Innovating Contracts, Terms and Conditions (PM)

Overview and Potential Key Questions: This session will consider how new approaches to contract terms and conditions could deliver better outcomes for government and reduce challenges for industry. The facilitators will take deep dives into approaches and commercial terms used in other jurisdictions and consider where Canada could implement alternative approaches. Key questions include:

  • Are there opportunities for the Government of Canada to reduce friction and improve return on investment by better aligning T&Cs with other governments and the commercial market? How can potential risks be mitigated?
  • How can longstanding federal contractual frameworks adapt to evolutions in technology, including how technology is employed and consumed (e.g. Software/Platforms/Infrastructure as a Service).
  • How can the federal government evaluate experience, prior performance and ability of suppliers to deliver in a way that is fair and that encourages and rewards excellence in the vendor community?

Facilitators: Michael Fekete, Microsoft; Government of Canada Facilitator (to be announced).

3.    Socially and Economically Responsible Procurement (AM)

Overview and Potential Key Questions: Shared Services Canada is taking the lead in crafting a socio-economic development procurement strategy that is inclusive, supportive of small and medium-sized businesses, environmentally beneficial and ensures innovation is considered within what it procures. This session will consider:

  • How can procurement be made more inclusive without undermining the benefits of a competitive bidding process?
  • How can SMEs and innovation be brought into larger contracts in ways that deliver triple wins: value to government, the SME and a larger enterprise with whom they may partner?
  • Where are the optimal policy leavers to drive environmental benefit from ICT related procurements?

Facilitators: Josh Hjartarson. Ph.D., Partner, Public Sector, KPMG Canada; Government of Canada Facilitator (to be announced).

4.    Leveraging Public Sector Procurement to Support SMEs and Scale-Ups (PM)

Overview and Potential Key Questions: The federal government has established a range offices and programs aimed at helping SMEs grow and scale. PSPC’s Office of Small and Medium Enterprise (OSME), works to connect SMEs with a government opportunities including navigating federal procurement and funding programs that can help demonstrate technology, such as the Build in Canada Innovation Program. Looking at these and other federal initiatives, this session will seek to develop a shared understanding of how procurement tool can better support SME growth.  Key questions include:

  • What are the core challenges preventing innovative firms and technologies from entering the federal procurement streams (e.g. public service culture, complexity of procurement system, contract requirements, rigidness of RFI/RFP process, lack of SME awareness, scale of procurements)?
  • What are the benefits/limitations with existing technology demonstration programs, like BCIP? How can these be addressed?
  • How should the government balance supporting SMEs while realizing the benefits of procuring goods and services at scale?

Session Deliverable: Increased industry awareness of OSME and BCIP programs. Recommendations for BCIP review and other innovation procurement programs.
For additional questions, please contact:
David Messer, Senior Director of Policy @ ITAC: dmesser@itac.ca
Kelly Hutchinson, VP Government Relations and Policy @ ITAC: khutchinson@itac.ca

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Registration Fees

Individual:  $125.00 + $16.25 HST

Please note that registration fees cover your food costs for the day: buffet breakfast, a served lunch, two sets of break refreshments during breakout sessions and the reception. This is a non-profit event. 


  • All-access pass, breakfast and lunch provided as well as break snacks and 1 drink ticket at the reception.
  • Attendees must identify which breakout sessions they desire to participate in.

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