Events & Committee Meetings

Building relationships, learning from others, and discussing issues are what our events, forums and committees are all about. This is where the action happens. Here is a list of the upcoming events and meetings:

ITAC Events

ITAC 2014 Ingenious Awards Gala Reception and Dinner ITAC 2014 Ingenious Awards Gala Reception and Dinner
Toronto, Ontario
Wednesday, November 12 - 2014
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ITAC Committee Meetings

Cyber Security Forum Meeting Cyber Security Forum Meeting
Tuesday, September 16 - 2014
Ontario Public Sector Business Committee (ON PSBC)
Tuesday, September 16 - 2014
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ITAC Supported Industry Events

BANFF Venture Forum BANFF Venture Forum
Banff, Alberta
Saturday, October 25 - 2014
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This is your opportunity to see what events are happening in the global ICT community! If you know of one that we should be listing, let us know (