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Dave Caputo, CEO, Sandvine

'Making the Pipes Smarter' For a Customized Internet Experience
Consumers use the Internet for so many things today. They are comfortable paying bills online, downloading music to their iPod and posting videos to Facebook or YouTube. The Internet has become a staple of our daily lives and subscriber consumption continues to increase as rich media applications, video streaming and social networking drive usage. What we found is that there is such a diversity of applications that are delivered on the Internet today, and different applications create different demands on the network and the network has to become more intelligent....

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Eugene Roman, CIO, Open Text

Eugene Roman, CIO Open Text
One of the things that particularly strikes me about Waterloo is that it is an ecosystem. When I worked in Ottawa, I always felt it was more of a monoculture based on BNR and Nortel. Waterloo has had a steady growth trajectory. It has benefited from the starburst effect of RIM’s success but there is a lot going on here.




Why Waterloo is Great For ICT
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