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Fortunately the ICT industry has never had a reputation as a smokestack industry. The pressures of the green revolution present challenges and opportunities for our industry. As the stories that follow attest, ICT is both an industry with a green conscience and an industry that can enable humanity's quest for a sustainable future on this planet. I'm delighted to say that these are but a small sampling of the initiatives and points of view reflecting the industry's commitment to a greener future. We would be delighted to hear your company's green stories and to present them in a future issue of ITAC Online.


Bernard Courtois


Jeff Wacker, Chief Futurist, EDS

Green IT / IT to be Greenspacer
Jeff Wacker is the Chief Futurist for EDS. He’s been talking about the environmental implications for IT for a number of years now. But in 2008 it seems like the present has caught up to the future in a big way. “We’re having to codify our green behaviour in ways that corporations haven’t seen before,” he said. Jeff is an in-demand speaker who addresses CIO Summits all around the world. “We always ask the participants at these events to identify their top ten concerns. Six months ago, and for many years past, green IT was either last or second to last on the list. Now it’s in the top two and will probably stay there for a while."

member profile

Member Profile: SAS Canada - Setting the Green Building Standard for ICT
As far as green building practices in ICT go, SAS Canada has not only set the standard they created it.
Standing in the reception area of SAS’s Toronto office, Jerry McDermott, Manager of Real Estate Development says the building is about more than just being green, it’s part of “an overall culture of wellness at SAS.”
“[We wanted to] Create the best possible place for employees to work … to keep people healthier … and keep them coming back every morning."


Dalton Burger

Industry Leads Environmental Stewardship in Canada
by DALTON BURGER, President and CEO, EPSC Canada
In 2003, ITAC and Electro-Federation Canada, along with 16 leading Canadian manufacturers of information technology and consumer electronics products, created Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC). The goal was to establish a not-for-profit organization that would work with an array of partners and stakeholders to design, promote and implement sustainable solutions for Canada’s electronic waste challenge.



ITAC POLL: Where does green ICT fall on your company's priority list?


Andy Canham, President Sun Microsystems Canada: Innovation Enables Sustainable Growth



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