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Pupatello Re-engages Ontario ICT Roundtables

Hon. Sandra Pupatello, Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Trade, has re-engaged the Ontario ICT roundtable process.

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Paul Cooper, Director and General Manager, Dell Public Business GroupPaul Cooper, Director and General Manager, Dell Public Business Group

Board Member Profile: Meet Paul Cooper

With so many ITAC members based in Ontario, the association has a special focus on our industry’s relationship with the Ontario government. An Ontario board of directors provides guidance and strategic direction on this relationship, particularly regarding public-sector business, and policies and programs that support small business growth. Paul Cooper, Director and General Manager of Dell’s Public Business Group, chairs this board and serves as the liaison between it and ITAC’s Board of Directors.

John Millar, President, Digital Boundary GroupJohn Millar, President, Digital Boundary Group

Safe At Home

Since its launch in 2003 in London, Ontario, Digital Boundary Group has established itself as a leading supplier of operational information and communications technology security assessment services. In recent years, the company has expanded to 12 employees and opened a subsidiary in Michigan to provide security and auditing services in the United States. President John Millar spoke to us about his company’s growth and why Ontario remains a good home.

Pat Saavedra, President and Chief Technology Officer, TELoIPPat Saavedra, President and Chief Technology Officer, TELoIP

Tales Of A Disruptive Influencer

If you were writing a film about a scrappy little ICT company in the post-Technology Boom era, Toronto-based TELoIP might be your ideal model. Since 2002, the provider and manufacturer of networking solutions has helped push Voice Over IP technology into the telephony mainstream. Today, the company’s technology powers some of the offerings of major ISPs and telephone carriers. President and Chief Technology Officer Pat Saavedra, who started TELoIP after success with ISP Passport Online, talked to us about what it takes to succeed in the current environment.