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Robert Courteau, Chief Operating Officer, SAP North America and ITAC Chair

The Big Picture From ITAC Chair Bob Courteau
ITAC's "State of the ICT Industry" briefing for government occurred within two weeks of important political events such as the inauguration of President Obama and the tabling of the Federal Budget. From his perspective as the Chief Operating Officer of SAP North America, ITAC's Chair Robert Courteau was in an excellent position to provide a cross-border perspective on the role of ICT in both Canada and the United States.

Vito Mabrucco, Managing Director, IDC Canada

Numbers to Bring You to the Edge of Your Seat
As the managing director of IDC Canada, Vito Mabrucco devotes a great deal of his time to numbers - collecting, analyzing and discussing the numbers that provide the key indicators of the performance of Canada's ICT                                        industry. Sometimes the numbers he studies are sobering, sometimes they can even look scary.




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