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How is procurement important to ITAC members?

One of ITAC's top six priorities, there are a number of reasons why procurement is vitally important to our association and the industry we represent. Let me outline just two ways procurement fits into ITAC’s modus operandi.

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Board Member Profile: Meet Charlie Whelan

Charlie Whelan, President, CSC CanadaCharlie Whelan, President, CSC Canada

Having marked its 50th anniversary last year, it’s no stretch to state that Computer Sciences Corporation is a pioneer in its field. CSC’s Canadian arm, which dates to 1994, is also a veteran in the IT services sector. A leader in outsourcing, IT infrastructure and security, CSC Canada has extensive experience in selling services to the federal government. President Charlie Whelan joined the company in 1999—following stints at SHL Systemhouse, Andersen Consulting and IBM—and was named to his current position in 2005. We asked him about his experiences dealing with federal government procurement.


Serving the Public Service

Neil  Russon, co-CEO, Accreon Inc.Neil Russon, co-CEO, Accreon Inc.

The procurement of public-sector business has long been touted one of the most difficult, competitive aspects of operating in the ICT industry. But a Maritime professional services firm has found a way to establish public-sector contracts as a significant portion of their work. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Accreon Inc.’s approximately 100 employees represent one of the largest privately held business solution and information technology consulting firms in the Atlantic Provinces. Specializing primarily in health care, financial services, and government, Accreon is a multiple award winner, having been named to the Branham300 list of Canada’s top 300 ICT companies within its first four months of operation, as well as one of Atlantic Progress’ Top 100 companies in Atlantic Canada, and having won multiple KIRA awards and a Business Excellence Award. For an inside look at how the company competes for government business, we spoke with co-CEO, Neil Russon.


Respecting the Public Purse

Craig Sisson,  Director, Ontario Public  Sector, Microsoft CanadaCraig Sisson, Director, Ontario Public Sector, Microsoft Canada

With the entire citizenry as shareholders, government can be a particularly challenging client to sell to—especially during trying times. In Ontario, the current challenges include a record-setting provincial deficit and the fallout from the controversy in healthcare spending. As Microsoft Canada’s Director, Ontario Public Sector, Craig Sisson has a decade of representing one of the world’s largest ICT vendors in a marketplace that accounts for up to 40 percent of the company’s business. We asked him to share some of his views on dealing with the province.