ITAC Online - The Government Procurement Issue - February 2012


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An Opportune Moment

ITAC sees great opportunities for our members over the next 18 months. For the first time in decades government is focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness as it communicates with and delivers services to citizens.

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Ken Cochrane on Government Procurement in Challenging Times

Ken Cochrane, Chief Information Officer, Government of Canada (2006-08)

Ken Cochrane, Partner, IT Advisory Services, at KPMG Canada

As Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada (2006-08), Ken Cochrane gained unparalleled insight into the impact technology can have on the public sector. Now Partner, IT Advisory Services, at KPMG Canada, he talked to ITAC Online about his new role as Chair of ITAC’s federal Public Service Business Committee.

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Lisa Carroll: A Timely Transition

Lisa Carroll, Director, Consulting Services, CGI

Lisa Carroll, Director, Consulting Services, CGI

The timing was coincidental, but could not be ignored. When Lisa Carroll sat down to discuss her new role as Chair of ITAC’s Public Sector Business Committee (Ontario) sitting on her desk was Don Drummond’s extensive, controversial report on how Ontario might eliminate its deficit.

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Student Assistance Goes Mobile

In Ontario, the level of interest in student loans reflects the fact that, between 2004-11, there was a 56-percent increase in the number of Ontario college and university students who qualified for aid from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). For fiscal 2010/11, the government provided an additional $81 million in student support.

Recognizing the increased interest for the program, in September 2010 then-Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities John Milloy directed OSAP to create a mobile interactive app that would allow students to check the status of their applications.

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