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Autumn in Quebec is Lovely for ICT Firms (So is Winter Spring and Summer)

We’ve been spending a fair amount of time in Quebec recently, drawn not just by the charms of Old Montreal or the great cider in the Eastern Townships.  Our trips have much more to do with the fact that Quebec “gets” ICT. Quietly and carefully, Quebec has built one of the most research and development-friendly environments in Canada.

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Michael Roach, President and CEO, CGIMichael Roach, President and CEO, CGI

CGI's Growth Imperative

In its first year of operation (1976), CGI generated $130,000 in revenue. Today CGI has grown into a global powerhouse in the hotly contested ICT services marketplace and it generates that same level of revenue every five minutes. ITAC Governors and guests enjoyed a unique opportunity on October 6 to hear how the company has evolved so successfully directly from CGI President and CEO Michael Roach.

Maria Codipietro, Managing Director, SAP Labs Canada – Montreal and TorontoMaria Codipietro, Managing Director, SAP Labs Canada - Montreal and Toronto

A Community of Interest: SAP Labs Montreal

Situated in more than 50 countries, leading business software developer SAP is a company with a sense of place. SAP Canada’s Quebec presence is significant, and it does not stop at the front door; the company is exceptionally well integrated into the community.

We traded questions and answers with Maria Codipietro, Managing Director, SAP Labs Canada - Montreal and Toronto.