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Yves Millette, President and CEO, Intuit Canada and ITAC Vice-Chair

Tech in the West: More Than Oil Sands
I am often asked why the majority of Intuit’s Canadian operations are based in Alberta and the answer is simple: Western Canada offers a not only a great quality of life for ICT employees but a robust business climate that offers all the fundamentals of a healthy and diverse economy. Not only does the energy-driven economy continue to fuel new ICT enterprises that directly support it, the energy sector is creating new offshoots into other markets.

David Martin, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Smart Technologies Inc.

SMART Technologies: A Passion for Transforming Education and Work Environments
SMART Technologies is the 19th largest Canadian technology company and the largest tech firm headquartered in Alberta. It employs over 1,200 employees worldwide. Boasting more than 20 years of innovation, it’s most ubiquitous product is the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. The SMART Board allows groups in classrooms, conference or meeting rooms to interact with others in the same room or all around the world. This Alberta innovation has taken a standard issue essential for techies, digitized it and wired it into a tool that can turn whiteboard noodling into a productive manifestation of global networked intelligence.




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