Ingenious Awards 2015

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The deadline for nominations is June 30, 2015.


For some insight into the type of detail the Ingenious Awards judges look for, see this winning entry from 2011.

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* Explain the business circumstances that your organization was presented with. Whenever possible use baseline metrics – for example, our annual energy consumption costs were $7 million and preventing us from being profitable, or our market share had dropped by 15 per cent over a 12-month period and needed to be restored.
* Explain the business objectives that were set to meet this challenge or seize this opportunity. For example, we wished to reduce annual energy costs by $3 million.
* Explain the difficulties and challenges your organization had to overcome in order to achieve your goals.
* Explain the role that information and communications technology played in achieving your objectives and why you feel this was an innovative use of this technology. (Judges will be placing an emphasis on innovation)
* Please provide measurable results that indicate the project was successful. Ensure that the outcome corresponds to the business objectives. For example, our energy consumption costs were reduced by $3.5 million, or our market penetration increased by 17 per cent.

Independent Reference

please provide the name of a person familiar with the project being nominated, yet who was not directly involved.

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