Policy & Advocacy

ITAC undertakes important policy and advocacy work to promote the growth of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. It actively engages with political leaders and government staff at all levels to inform them of why it is important to maintain a strong, innovative and growing ICT industry in Canada. We are actively engaged with federal government as it transforms and procures more modern and effective services. As a result our input is consistently sought and heard by government – a tribute to our thoughtful policy formulation and our effective advocacy of well-founded industry positions. As information and communication technology becomes increasingly important to the Canadian economy, we must help government to anticipate the ICT trends with policy initiatives that serve to strengthen our economy and our industry.

Please contact Cindy Baker (cbaker@itac.ca) or Bill Munson (bmunson@itac.ca) for more information.

“Canada 2017!: A Digital Nation Building Strategy”, presentation to Industry Canada in 2013.