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Helping Canada’s ICT SMEs to grow and prosper

ITAC is devoted to serving its SME community, and we do so through a variety of channels. We facilitate a number of events that bring our SME leaders together with peers as well as key governmental officials, such as our “Export Development Forums” and our “Doing Business with Government as an SME” events. We also create opportunities for our SMEs to interact and engage with our larger members, like our “Doing Business with Large ITAC Member” events. Through our partnerships with other ICT associations, we provide access to SME peer networks. And we provide SMEs access to ITAC’s Canadian offices as well as WITSA’s Global Business Centres, located all around the world, for SME leaders who travel often and require somewhere friendly and free to set up a workspace. Finally, through our work with both the Ontario and Federal Governments, we routinely address barriers to growth as well as key public policy issues pertinent to operating as a Canadian SME. Here are some of the ways ITAC can help:

To a large extent, SMEs are  the backbone of the Canadian economy. ITAC realizes this, and we do  all we can to promote the health and growth of all Canadian SMEs including supporting access to foreign markets.

Strengthened SME Advocacy

  • Digital Economy Strategy
    • Emphasis on IRAP, SR&ED and Precarn, as well as highlighting the need for solutions in the VC space (tax credits, flow through shares) and the recommendation that SR&ED should cover global sales and marketing
  • ITAC’s response to Ontario’s RFI on IT Consulting VOR refresh reflected the importance to SMEs of reducing the administrative burden of doing business with the province
  • Hosted an SME Roundtable with Minister Moore in New Brunswick to discuss issues of importance to Canadian ICT SMEs
  • ITAC has contributed greatly to the following initiatives as part of the government of Ontario’s “Open for Business” consultation process:
    • Developed a manual for vendors to use while selling ICT products and services to the provincial healthcare system;
    • Helping the Ontario Ministry of Finance to develop guidelines for buyers of technology within the provincial healthcare system;
    • Working jointly with Service Ontario and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to create enhancements to the Ontario Business Program Guide and ONe Source web portal, both of which are key to allowing SMEs to interact with the province’s programs and services.
  • SME views will be represented in ITAC’s engagement with Federal Government as the Review of all R&D Incentives started in October 2010

Building Your Business

  • Export Development Forum for SMEs
    • Working with MEDT, ITAC has arranged for an Export Development Forum that will feature case studies of ICT companies that have successfully used Government support to develop their export markets, including legal presentation of the ‘do’s and don’ts’
    • First Forum held in downtown Toronto on November 10, 2010
  • How to Do Business with Government as an SME
    • Working with the Feds, Province and MERX to deliver this seminars in Ontario, including a presentation on market analysis, trends and forecasts from Public Sector Research Inc
    • First seminar was on October 28, 2010, in Waterloo
  • Doing Business with Large ITAC Members
    • Successful program, requires continued commitment from large members
    • Most recent event: “Doing Business with Dell” on November 25, 2010, in Toronto

Addressing Barriers to SME Growth

ITAC secured IRAP funding to deliver on projects that will address SME barriers to growth in the areas of digital commerce and Health IT.

  • Growing SMEs in Canada’s Digital Commerce Sector: Best Practice Forums
    • ITAC will hold 4 Best Practice Forums in Ottawa, Vancouver and potentially Toronto
    • A renowned expert on an issue of interest to the group will lead each
    • Have an average of 30 company-leading SME participants
    • Publish and communicate a best practices summary report, based on the 4 sessions, to enable broader dissemination of the sessions to the SME digital commerce community
  • Growing Canada’s Health IT SMEs: Addressing the Fractured EMR Marketplace
    • Achieve consensus on a strategy for national standards adoption and certification
    • Publish an action plan to enable the establishment of a national standards adoption and certification program
    • Establish a national steering committee to oversee implementation

Access to SME Focused Peer Networks

  • ITAC developed a Strategic Partnership with the York Technology Alliance (YTA)
    This allows ITAC members full access to the YTA’s 11 unique peer to peer monthly meetings, monthly topical issues luncheons, and workshops specifically targeted to provide the growth-oriented tech company with essential ‘shortcuts to success’.
  • ITAC and the YTA are also both members of the Canadian ICT Federation, which took its first formative steps on September 21, 2004.

The following is a list of the current members of ICT Federation (east to west):

Below are provincial/regional technology associations:

ITAC’s SME Resources

  • Access to ITAC’s offices (Mississauga, Ottawa)
    • Free use of ITAC’s Boardrooms, internet access
  • Access to WITSA’s Global Business Centres
    • Fully equipped with all the basic office amenities, including meeting rooms, high speed internet access, computer and office equipment, telecommunications, trade referrals, secretarial staff support and assistance (optional).
    • Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Taipei. Egypt, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Republic of Macedonia, South Africa, Spain, and the United States
  • ITAC’s website – SME Portal
    • Developed this fully functional SME portal that will continue to be populated.
    • Initially it will capture six key areas: Strengthened SME Advocacy, Building Your Business, Addressing Barriers to SME Growth, Access to SME Focused Peer Networks, ITAC’s SME Resources, Government Resources and external Links.
  • Access to WITSA’s Global Trade Initiatives
    • The leading voice of the global ICT industry, WITSA is a consortium of industry association members from nearly 70 economies, with members representing more than 90 percent of the world ICT market.
    • WITSA creates various channels and platforms for its members to network, to forge strategic partnerships, and to open new market opportunities across and within geographic locations.
      • Online Business-to-Business (B2B) Matching System;
      • Signature Events;
      • Multilateral Trade Visits; and
      • Other Business Networking Activities.
  • ITAC’s Programs and Committee

Government Resources