ITAC Secure Web Pages

One of the benefits of membership is access to public policy documents, industry presentations, and other information that is pertinent to the ICT sector but not available publicly. Access to the following is available to ITAC members only.

For ITAC’s National Board of Directors only

The Board of Directors focuses on association governance, finances, priorities and strategic direction. It is comprised of approximately 35 executives, reflecting the demographics of the national membership, including sector, region, size of company, and gender.

The Board slate is approved by the Nominations Committee of the Board, and put forward to the Annual General Meeting each year for election. Board members are asked each year if they will renew their Board seat.




Ontario Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for managing the property and business of the association.

Federal Public Sector Business Committee

The Public Sector Business Committee consists of senior corporate business leaders from ITAC’s membership whose companies focus on sales to government. The committee meets 6 to 8 times a year to monitor, assess and advise on procurement policies and practices. Government officials are regular participants of the meetings and are given time to report at each meeting on progress made on IT procurement initiatives. The committee has councils for large transformational projects, professional services, telecom, and terms and conditions. These councils consist of interested members and are responsible for reviewing issues and presenting recommendations to government.

Ontario Public Sector Business Committee

The mandate of the Ontario Public Sector Business Committee is to monitor, assess and advise on public sector business and government procurement policies and practices.

HR Forum

The Human Resources Forum allows for the sharing and discussion of views, information and best practices in a confidential and open group environment. It acts as a resource to members of ITAC on various HR issues.

ICT Federation

ITAC believes Canadian businesses should be leaders in the use of ICT for competitive advantage, productivity and growth. Use of ICT by small and medium enterprises should increase towards that of our US counterparts. By partnering with other associations, as well as with Government, we work to ensure public policy supports these goals.