ITAC maintains an extensive library of issue papers, reports, and presentations related to the ICT industry.

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December 15, 2008 PDF fileGlobal Competiveness: ITAC Explores the Role of IP in Formation of Tech Ventures
November 5, 2008 PDF fileICT Investment and Productivity: A Provincial Perspective
November 5, 2008 PDF fileThe Canada-U.S. ICT Investment Gap in 2007: Narrowing but Progress Still Needed
September 2, 2008 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: ICT Industry Recommendations Progress Report
September 2, 2008 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: ICT Industry Report to MEDT
January 1, 2008 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: Sharpening Canada’s Competitive Edge
December 1, 2007 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: Revitalizing Ontario’s Microelectronics Industry
October 20, 2007 PDF fileSmart Regulation: Response to Public Safety Canada’s Customer Name / Address Consultation
October 19, 2007 PDF fileSmart Regulation: Review of regulatory frameworks for broadcasting distribution undertakings
August 1, 2007 PDF fileGlobal Competitivness: Tax Measures to Mobilize Science and Technology to Canada’s Advantage
January 20, 2007 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: Alternative for Extending Refundability of SR&ED Tax Credits
September 12, 2006 PDF fileICT Adoption: Does ICT Matter to SMBsin Canada?
May 1, 2006 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: Role And Impact Of Multinationals In Canada’s Innovation Environment
February 28, 2006 PDF fileGlobal Competitivness: Economic Diversification – Some Unexploited Opportunities
December 12, 2005 PDF fileICT Adoption: What Explains the Canada-US ICT Investment Intensity Gap
October 28, 2005 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: ITAC 2005 Pre-budget Submission Focuses on ICT Adoption and Angels
September 28, 2005 PDF fileSmart Regulation: Modernization of Emergency Preparedness Act
September 20, 2005 PDF fileSmart Regulation: Working Together to Prevent Identity Theft
September 15, 2005 PDF fileSmart Regulation: Response to the Telecommunications Policy Review
September 9, 2005 PDF fileGlobal Competitivnes: Improving Liquidity Options For Mid-Life High Technology Companies in Canada
August 15, 2005 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: Telecommunications Policy Review ITAC’s Answers
July 20, 2005 PDF fileSmart Regulation: Incentives for ICT Adoption: Canada and Major Competitors
June 20, 2005 PDF fileICT Adoption: From Research to Commerce – Changing our Priorities about Commercialization
March 30, 2005 PDF fileGlobal Competitiveness: Growing R&D Intensive Firms
April 1, 2004 PDF fileGlobal Competiveness: Building World Class Canadian High Technology Companies