Our Members

Our members are our lifeblood and we rely on the contributions of our people and volunteers, which allow us to make a significant difference and keep us focused on the three elements of our strategic thrust:

  1. Advocating for a strong digital society: Using the expertise and influence of a robust and innovative technology industry to contribute to the creation of a world-leading digital society in Canada for the benefit of all Canadians. This entails our submission on policy issues and the legislative process.
  2.  Accelerating technology adoption: Helping accelerate innovative ICT adoption in all dimensions of the Canadian economy (government, healthcare, enterprise and SME businesses in all sectors) to demonstrate world-class excellence in the use of technology. We believe this will increase the competitiveness and products existing across our sectors.
  3. Promoting Canadian information and communications technology and industry excellence: Encouraging networking within ITAC membership to help create high-value relationships and business partnerships through business and networking events. We continue to find ways to be the catalyst in showcasing Canadian technology and creating opportunities for a robust B2B exchange.

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