A Message from President and CEO, Angela Mondou

Over the past week, I have had to take time to reconcile the horror of the recent tragic murder of George Floyd.  It is unfathomable to comprehend the level of anger and hatred humanity can hold onto.

I turned to many podcasts to get a deeper level of understanding from authors, speakers and victims of racism.  One extremely well-spoken podcaster’s advice stood out through his bold message: Step Up, Show Up, or Shut Up (Baratunde Thurston).

As we witness thousands of multi-racial protestors around the world, wearing masks amidst the COVID crisis, and marching alongside police officers, one thing is abundantly clear. The world is showing up to send a powerful message; the time is now for racism to end.  We can not let the death of George Floyd be in vain.

As I reflect as the President and CEO of TECHNATION, on how our association can harness this deep need for change, I want to share my commitment that our organization and leadership will do its utmost to ensure that that our employees feel safe, supported and free from discrimination of any kind.

The tech sector has the resources, the influence, and the power to help drive real change.

We must do what we can to influence our governments, our companies and communities to take action.  We can all take a role in increasing awareness and listening to those who experience racism and discrimination firsthand.  We must consider new ways to create transparency like never before.

We are on the crest of a wave of global change to end racism, but there needs to be systemic and institutional changes made.  As society continues to demand action to abolish racism, I will continue to work with our leadership team, governance and diversity and inclusion committees.  Our organization represents one of the fastest growing sectors globally, which also has a very diverse and multi-national workforce; we must still ask ourselves, what actions can we take?

Canada is a beautiful country made up of cultures from around the world – and while that makes us great – we still have significant challenges. Racism must end, and we can start by leading by example.

Angela Mondou

President and CEO