Boost Needed for Digital Economy Talent Programs

ITAC supports recent federal initiatives to improve Canada’s digital economy skills, but says more action is needed as part of a comprehensive strategy.

That’s the message Karna Gupta, ITAC’s President and CEO, recently delivered to staff members in Minister Gary Goodyear’s office, Minister of State for Science and Technology and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

ITAC is pleased with the Government’s extension of funding for the Federal Economic Development Agency, as well as the creation of the Advanced Manufacturing Fund.  “ICT companies rely on these programs, which help drive momentum and keep the ecosystem strong to support the development of skills for the digital economy”, Mr. Gupta said.  At the same time, he said we need to make sure that talent issues are “front and centre”.  In discussions with the Minister’s staff, Mr. Gupta said that ITAC members could benefit from a boost in programs for co-op students, based on industry need or “pull”.

ITAC believes that ongoing dialogue between ITAC members and the Minister will produce positive results for the ICT sector and the Canadian economy.

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