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Happiness: A Secret Weapon in the Workplace?

By Lynda Leonard Senior Vice-President, ITAC Thursday was a pretty good day for me. It started off with a visit to AMD to hear virtual reality expert Mike Macedonia speak about next generation virtual worlds. Mike is an industry veteran …

The Accidental Learner

The Accidental Learner

By John Breakey, CEO Fivel Ever notice how we’re interacting with more and more technology in our business and personal daily activity? In fact we touch about 10 tech tools in a typical workday. Some examples would include our smartphone, …

Adam Chowaniec – An Appreciation

Adam Chowaniec - An Appreciation

By Lynda Leonard Adam Chowaniec was a Director of ITAC from 2001 until his death last Friday. He served as ITAC’s Chair in 2003/2004 and even briefly served as our President and CEO. Adam played an immense role in the …