CETA Will Strengthen Tech

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is great news for the Canadian economy and for the technology sector.  By lifting virtually all tariffs with the European Union – Canadas second largest trading partner , it gives Canadian companies unprecedented access to 28 affluent countries.  The agreement is a 21st century agreement embracing new realities of trade such as regulatory cooperation, along with more familiar tariff issues.

When CETA is formalized, Canada will have free trade access with half the world.  This is a huge achievement for Prime Minister Harper’s Government.

The marketplace for Canadian technology is, by virtue of own relatively small population, global.  CETA provides a great boost for Canadian companies already exporting and it provides strong encouragement for emerging companies who are not yet export-ready to carefully examine opportunities in Europe.

Trade agreements by their nature are bi-lateral.   So CETA opens our domestic market to stronger competition from some of the most innovative companies in the world.  Competition conducted in a trade context that is truly free lifts everybody’s game.  I believe CETA will help us build a stronger Canadian tech sector.