Do you hire or manage AI or Machine Learning talent for your organization? ITAC wants to hear from you!

Goal is to provide organizations with access to AI and ML talent – faster and more efficiently

The supply gap for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) talent is a growing challenge for ICT firms and their customers. This applies especially to professionals with the knowledge and skills to design, implement and support sector-and function-specific AI applications.

ITAC is working to address this challenge and needs your help! The end goal is to ensure that your organization and its customers gain access to more and better AI/ML talent as quickly and efficiently as possible.

David Ticoll, Special Advisor, ITAC Talent is currently leading a project on AI and ML skills needs and development with the support of Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC). The project is, in part, to build an evidence-based business case and plan for increasing the applied AI and ML talent pipeline. Our focus is undergraduate level, college, and non-traditional (e.g. online learning) pathways. The study includes employer interviews, quantitative demand and supply research, a review of post-secondary capabilities, and an action plan.

The request is simple: a 30-minute conversation.

If you or your colleague is available to chat with David before the end of May, please let us know. David can be reached directly at Note this is for ITAC members only.